[TUHS] [Haskell-cafe] Terminator syntax style (Was: Nested (=>) (Was: On finding the right exposition...))

Norman Wilson norman at oclsc.org
Fri Oct 8 05:52:01 AEST 2021

John Cowan:

  "Between each" has been part of Standard English for a thousand years, and
  still is today.


As in between each pair of elements, or between each element?

The latter strikes me rather like the currently-in-vogue phrase
`one of the only': it may have a defined meaning, but it sure
sounds distractingly stupid.  (If it's one of the group at all,
it's by definition one of the only members; if what is meant is
one of the few, then say so, dammit.)

It's rather like obfuscated C, or nearly any use of Perl: sure,
you can write it to require extra mental effort to make sense of
it, but there are simpler ways to be rude.

Norman Wilson
Toronto ON

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