[TUHS] having issues with simh and setting up dci for unixV7

joseph turco italian.pepe.32 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 08:50:25 AEST 2021

hello all,

i am a new unix user, so please excuse my ignorance.

I am trying to setup using unixV7 with simh pdp11 emulator. The guide i am
following is by Will Senn (in PDF form). I have been able to successfully
get the machine to boot with unix, and login as root. what i am having
problems with, is trying to get telnet access via dci to work. when i
follow the guide and do the following:

# cd /usr/sys/conf
# rm l.o c.o
# cp hptmconf myconfnf
# echo 4dc >> myconf
# mkconf < myconf
# make
as - -o l.o l.s
cc -c c.c
ld -o unix -X -i l.o mch.o c.o ../sys/LIB1 ../dev/LIB2
# sum unix
# ls -l unix
-rwxrwxr-x 1 root
 54122 Dec 31 19:09 unix

when i issue the mkconf < myconf command, i get a bunch of text printed
out, but with a 'root device not found'. the sum unix value is different,
as well as the size of the ls -l unix file size.. now when i try booting it
with the newly created mboot.ini file (as per the guide), i go to start up
the system with 'hp(0,0)munix' and it starts but hangs with the text 'fault

what am I doing wrong?


Joseph Turco
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