[TUHS] Motorola System V/68 preservation?

Miod Vallat miod at online.fr
Wed Oct 27 03:16:58 AEST 2021

> Has anyone other than the owner of m88k.com preserved Motorola System
> V/68? Besides that, there’s the SVR1 (v2.8) for the Motorola VME/10 on
> Bitsavers and that’s about it.

I have a few SysV/68 and SysV/88 tapes and backups of them as well, but
this is a subset of what is available on m88k.com.

> I’m especially curious as to whether anyone has preserved the SVR2 1.1
> binary+sources distribution, since there might be useful information
> in it—or derivable from it—about much of the early VME hardware.

I'm afraid I only have binary distributions and nothing that old.


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