[TUHS] desiderata

Andrew Hume andrew at humeweb.com
Wed Sep 8 18:29:13 AEST 2021

more garage cleaning this last weekend. i came across some memorabilia
from my time at Bell Labs, including a lovely article titled

	The Electrical Properties of Infants

Infants have long been known to grow into adults. Recent experiments
show they are useful in applications such as high power circuit breakers.

Not to mention a lovely article from the “Medical Aspects of Human Sexuality”
(July 1991) titled “Scrotum Self-Repair”.

the two items are
1) “Documents for UNIX Volume 1” by Dolotta, Olson and Petrucelli (jan 1981)”
2) The complete manual for the Blit. this comes in a blue Teletype binder and includes
the full manual (including man pages) and circuit diagrams.

i’d prefer to have them go to some archival place, but send me a private email
if you interested and we’ll see what we can do.


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