[TUHS] The MGR window system and the Macintosh

John Floren john at jfloren.net
Fri Aug 5 05:45:16 AEST 2022

Today I came across an article about the MGR window system for Unix:

One thing that interested me was a note that some versions worked on the

 > The window system ran on many different hardware platforms, at least
 > these: Sun 3/xx workstations running SunOS, which was the the original
 > development platform, Sun SPARCstations (SunOS and then ported by me to
 > Solaris), Intel x86 based PCs (Coherent, Minix, FreeBSD or Linux),
 > Atari ST (under MiNT), AT&T UnixPC (SysV) and the Macintosh.

As the owner of a Macintosh Plus, I think it would be a very interesting
thing to experiment with, but I haven't had much luck finding any more
information about it.

Does anyone know more about MGR, particularly on the Mac? That page has
the source for MGR 0.69, but there's no mention of the Macintosh in it
(aside from comments about how it was supported on older versions...)


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