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On 7/29/2022 1:07 AM, Tomasz Rola wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 27, 2022 at 10:13:04PM -0600, William H. Mitchell wrote:
> [...]
>> Phil Budne: Thanks for your CSNOBOL4 implementation!  I’ve used it to show students SNOBOL4 in a comparative languages class at the U of Arizona.  (I was thinking your name sounded familiar!)
>>> On Jul 27, 2022, at 7:03 PM, Phil Budne <phil at ultimate.com> wrote:
>>>> Anyway, I have got Phil Budne's implementation
>>> C'est moi!  SNOBOL came out of Bell Labs in Holmdel NJ.
>>> There was a SNOBOL3 implementation in Unix 6th Edition days called "sno".
> [...]
> Yes, I have had a look and it seems to be very nicely written
> project. Oh, and there is plenty of Snobol4 code to look at, too...
> Thank you.
Speaking of SNOBOL4, I typed up the SNOBOL code from the NRL Report 7948 
(1975) titled "Automatic Translation of English Text to Phonetics by 
Means of Letter-to-Sound Rules" by Honey Sue Elovitz, Rodney W. Johnson, 
Astrid McHugh and John E. Shore, and made some minor modifications to 
make it work properly with the windows/catspaw version of snobol/spitbol.

It might not be necessary to make those changes at all, with Phil's 
version, I'll need to try that!

I have both the patched and unpatched versions at 
https://github.com/Lord-Nightmare/NRL_TextToPhonemes and it does behave 
correctly/matches the paper (at least the patched version does).

I recently (within the past month) discovered another later port of the 
NRL ruleset from 1978 as part of Peter B. Maggs' ANGLOPHONE package for 
S-100 systems, intended for use with the Computalker CT-1 speech 
synthesis S-100 card. Apparently Rodney W. Johnson had continued 
developing the rules even after the 1975/1976 publications of the NRL 
report and the IEEE ITASSP version of said report, and I haven't updated 
the bibliography on the github readme yet.

Jonathan G.

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