[TUHS] Editor for Mortals History

Joseph Holsten joseph at josephholsten.com
Tue Aug 16 04:28:54 AEST 2022

Hello everyone! I’ve been digging into text editor history, and I found:

“This provided another huge step forward in usability and allowed us to
maintain our modeless approach to screen editing, which was, we feel,
superior to the Vi approach.” from https://www.coulouris.net/cs_history/em_story/

This makes me want to know em’s history outside the usual precursor-to-vi narrative. Does anyone know much about the timeline of em from 1971 (QMC Unix installation) to 1976 (Intro to W M Joy @ UCB)? And does anyone know of developments to it after 1976-04-29? That’s the last date within text in the https://www.coulouris.net/cs_history/em_story/emsource/ files. (Also grumble grumble broken touch feature detection in that shar, which indicates last mod of 1996-02-18).

Anyone other than Coulouris used em in the last 45 years?
Joseph Holsten
mailto:joseph at josephholsten.com

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