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> On 1/29/22 1:48 AM, Andy Kosela wrote:
> [...]
> > I hate all those modern web 2.0 technologies with extremely bloated js
> > stacks which you can only use if you have the latest version of Chrome.
> I too dislike what the Web 2.0 world has turned into.
> I believe that it's possible for web pages to by dynamic via AJAX
> without all the bloat.  Sadly this isn't done.

Having many years developing development frameworks, and having a need for
a simple way to write business applications for the Web, I ended up writing
my own Java-based, open-source web development framework called KISS.  KISS
stands for exactly what you think it does!

KISS supports the front-end and back-end already configured and running
out-of-the-box.  It runs on Linux, Mac, and Windows (and probably most
other Unix-like environments that support Java).

On the back-end, it supports writing your application in Java, Groovy, or
Common Lisp.  On the front-end, it is just plain HTML, CSS, and
JavaScript.  It comes with a new build system of my own making.  That makes
the whole system as easy as possible.  For example, after downloading, you
can download any needed libraries, build, and run the entire system by

     ./bld develop

That's it!  You type the above and you have a complete, running web
application built and running.

It communicates over REST Web services.  It also uses microservices and is
designed so that both the front-end and back-end can be developed on a
running system without the need for rebuilds or re-booting the server.
This is also great for updating a production environment without bringing
the system down!

KISS also supports custom HTML controls, an SQL API, built-in
authentication, reporting (using Groff & Tbl!), and a lot more.

The system is being used in production environments today, so it isn't a

It comes with documentation.  There is also a YouTube training series, and
there has been a couple of articles written about it.

With KISS, you can have an up-and-running web application running from
scratch in less than five minutes.  After that, you can build on it while
it is running.

Check it out!  https://kissweb.org

Blake McBride
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