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> For example, even in the tiny copy program example, from the introductory
> chapter, once you include the primitive getc and putc subroutines, there
> are 7 symbolic constants: MAXLINE, MAXCARD, NEWLINE, STDIN, STDOUT, EOF,
> SPACE and character, which is really an integer and gets replaced with
> integer by some mythical preprocessor (chapter 8). Anyhow, in the modern
> world, MAXLINE and MAXCARD don't really have meaning, but they can
> magically be treated as lines of a file, the rest do have meaning, but they
> don't evaluate to the same things in Fortran-land as in modern-land. STDIN
> is 5 and STDOUT is 6 (card reader and punch LUNs, again some magic that
> lets them be treated as terminal input and output),  EOF is -1, SPACE is
> 32, NEWLINE is 10.
> Pretty sure that EOF is _still_ -1.  SPACE and NEWLINE also look pretty
> familiar and their values haven't changed, although we might spell them a
> little differently these days.
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