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Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at sdaoden.eu
Sat Feb 5 08:30:08 AEST 2022

Jim Capp wrote in
 <8901533.793.1644008621545.JavaMail.root at zimbraanteil>:
 |I have a subsystem that populates a database from disparate data streams. 
 |It's been known to run for years without restarting, thanks to valgrind. 

Oh please, not.  Have they fixed their file descriptor problems?
Just go a bit and your allocator will tell you what there still
is, and where it came from.
I mean gigantic billions of modules plugged together to form
a brilliant whole that is larger than its particels may be harder.

  $ prt-get quickdep libreoffice
  libnghttp2 openssl zlib xz expat jsoncpp attr bzip2 lzo libuv lzlib ncurses rhash ninja libffi libnsl libtirpc mpdecimal xorg-util-macros libgmp chrpath fakeroot giflib libpcre kmod db nasm xorg-libpciaccess xorg-libpixman libspiro libuninameslist libgpg-error linux-pam npth alsa-lib libogg libvisual opus hyphen icu cppunit glm libexttextcat hunspell libnumbertext libpaper libqrcodegen libtommath lpsolve libaio libpcre2 nspr libtool unzip file libpng potrace zstd libxml2 dbus neon acl elfutils zip readline xorg-xtrans glpk libmpfr swig eudev libgcrypt libksba libassuan libcap libvorbis libmythes curl boost libxslt libarchive gdbm sqlite3 unixodbc gcc-fortran util-linux libusb libtheora librevenge mdds raptor xmlsec cmake perl python3 nss openblas pinentry libabw libepubgen libwpd libmwaw libodfgen libpagemaker libqxp libstaroffice libvisio libwps libzmf rasqal abseil-cpp clucene metis libjpeg-turbo brotli libcuckoo fmt mariadb p5-xml-parser python3-setuptools xorg-xcb-proto lapack gnupg libmspub libwpg redland libtiff woff2 spdlog intltool meson python3-libxml2 llvm python3-markupsafe python3-chardet python3-soupsieve python3-cssselect python3-cython python3-webencodings coin-or-coinutils suitesparse gpgme libwebp lcms2 sane libixion xorg-xorgproto glib libdrm fribidi freetype orc itstool python3-mako python3-beautifulsoup4 python3-html5lib coin-or-osi libcdr libfreehand openjpeg2 liborcus xorg-libxau xorg-libxdmcp xorg-libxshmfence xorg-libice gobject-introspection liblangtag fontconfig graphite2 shared-mime-info python3-lxml coin-or-clp xorg-libxcb xorg-libsm atk graphene gstreamer libgudev libe-book libetonyek gdk-pixbuf coin-or-cgl xorg-libx11 xorg-xcb-util coin-or-cbc xorg-libxext xorg-libxfixes xorg-libxrender coin-or-mp xorg-libxinerama libglvnd xorg-libxv xorg-libxxf86vm xorg-libxi xorg-libxdamage xorg-libxcomposite xorg-libxcursor xorg-libxrandr cairo gl-headers xorg-libxvmc xorg-libxtst box2d harfbuzz mesa at-spi2-core xorg-libxft libepoxy at-spi2-atk pango gtk3 gst-plugins-base fontforge libreoffice

It could be this requires a bit of work.

|Der Kragenbaer,                The moon bear,
|der holt sich munter           he cheerfully and one by one
|einen nach dem anderen runter  wa.ks himself off
|(By Robert Gernhardt)

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