[TUHS] unexported software for local use for v7

Will Senn will.senn at gmail.com
Tue Feb 15 07:00:57 AEST 2022

A week or so after spending an entire day meticulously mapping manpages 
from version 0 to version 7, I came across Doug's combined table of 
contents. I love recreating the wheel <<shakes head, ruefully>>, only 
saving grace is that the geniuses who came before, in this case Doug, 
had the same idea :). In it, he mentions an addendum for v7 that has 
pages for unexported software for local use: apl, cflow, cpio, cref, and 
a slew of other usefull commands get mentioned. By unexported, I'm 
gathering this means not included on the distro tapes -- I certainly 
don't see them in my installed system. Were they distributed at all, or 
just used internally at Bell, or what? Are there extant copies around? 
To be clear, I'm talking about the unexported versions, not later 
versions that might be fitted onto v7. Oh, and a bonus question, why 
weren't they exported.

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