[TUHS] 7th Edition C Reference Manual and UNIX Programming - First Edition

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Fri Feb 18 04:13:07 AEST 2022


1. I have a physical copy of the V7 UPM published by Holt, Rinehart and 
Winston (HRW) from 1983 (2 volume phone book). In it, there is a C 
Reference Manual (pp. 247-277, reprinted with minor changes from the 
first C book by K&R and including a Recent Changes to C addendum). I 
also have a PDF that was supposedly created from sources that has a C 
Reference Manual in it, but, in /usr/doc/cman, there's an inscription 
that reads, "Sorry, but for copyright  reasons,  the  source  for  the  
C Reference Manual is not distributed." and the one in the pdf appears 
to be identical to the one in the V6 UPM (which I have a print-on-demand 
version of). Are the *roff sources (or a clean PDF) available for the 
reprint? I have located a PDF copy of the HRW edition, but it's got the 
usual deficiencies of being a scanned copy.

2. In same manual, there is an article entitled, UNIX Programming -- 
Second Edition by K&R. Where is the first edition located? It isn't in 
the V6 UPM.


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