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I got sick of poring over my Peer-to-Peer communications version of 
Lion's commentary - trying to read it while digging around in v6 was 
getting annoying. Of course, if you don't already own, rush out and by a 
copy. It's great stuff. Anyhow, the problem is that it's perfect bound, 
landscape and it's not searchable. Hunting around the internet, I found 
pdfs that were searchable, but they were based on v7 being 
back-engineered to v6 code. So, I located a decent source of 
electronically readable Lion's source at 
https://warsus.github.io/lions-/ and off I went. I took the code and did 
a bit (quite a bit) of tweakage on it to get it formatted in pdf, and 
created a version in letter format that I find pretty useful. It can be 
read from a printout while messing around in v6. I've done some 
proofing, but I don't claim it's perfect. If you find any issues with 
it, let me know and I'll try to fix them (thanks, Clem for early 

Here's what's in the letter sized pdf:

Tweaked Cover Page
Improved Table of Contents
Lion's version of V6 Source Code
     Source File Sheets Alphabetical List
     Source File Locations in Running V6 System

What isn't in the pdf:
Original Forewords, Prefaces, or Letters (not needed for coding)

Symbol Lists, Cross references, or Indexes (beyond my skills at the moment)

All in all, I have found it quite readable and useful for my own work. I 
don't claim any ownership or contribution, other than in improving the 
readability of the work for modern readers. If the cross reference thing 
kills you, just use gnu ctags on the source directories and ctags -x for 
the line numbers.

Here's the link to the posting:


- will
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