[TUHS] CSR in V6

Will Senn will.senn at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 10:29:48 AEST 2022

I noticed in v6 source that putch in prf.c - the system kernel printf's 
character routine, only prints to the console if the Console Switch 
Register is non-zero.

My question isĀ  - how did y'all run things - with CSR zero and no kernel 
messages (seems dangerous to me, being naive and all) or with CSR 
non-zero and kernel messages.

On my FreeBSD instance, I value the messages that show up on console as 
they've alerted me to big problems in the past, but on my Mac, not as 
much (sure you can run Console and see them, but they aren't immediate).

Oh, BTW, I know I've seen this noted elsewhere, but I can't remember 
where. Dennis's v6 doesn't have the Western Electric message:

    mem = 435

    Use, duplication or disclosure is subject to
    restrictions stated in Contract with Western
    Electric Company, Inc.

It was a bit of a head scratcher as I was trying to read from the Dennis 
version of the distro on my mac while running Wellsch's tape on simh. I 
spent quite a while spinning my wheels looking for "Western" in the 
files to no avail. I thought something was screwy with the files or my mac.
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