[TUHS] "9 skills our grandkids won't have" - Is this a TUHS topic?

Harald Arnesen skogtun at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 04:12:44 AEST 2022

Tomasz Rola [01/07/2022 02.41]:

I recall reading about some movie, whose fans
> were unable to understand why a protagonist took film (celuloid) to
> some "red room". They suggested it was for making photos sharper.

Except that we didn't use red light in our darkrooms at all, at least
not from the 1970s and on. Panchromatic film, of course, needs to be
developed in total darkness, so we used film tanks.

Photographic paper was not sensitive to red light, but neither very
sensitive to yellow-green or amber brown light, which we used when
developing paper copies.
Hilsen Harald
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