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I would call that top level directory "metadata" ... the licensing stuff is
quite relevant to the owner and operator of the system, but not directly
relevant to any of its actual content or function.
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On Sat, Jul 2, 2022 at 2:17 PM Clem Cole <clemc at ccc.com> wrote:

> As part of some of simh work, I've been immersed in some licensing
> discussions.  Thanks for the V8-10, Plan-9 and Inferno notes - they are
> relevant.
> Anyway, WRT to TUHS, I'm thinking that at least in the case of the Unix
> style bits, I propose a small change to Waren's top-level directory.   Add
> a new dir called something like 'Legal Docs' or 'Copyrights+Licenses'.
>  Then move the Caldera document and Warren's current note into that area.
> Then add copies of anything we can collect like the Dan Cross's V8-10,
> anything WRT to Plan9/Inferno or anything we from the UNIX world - such as
> something Sun, DEC or HP or like might have added.  Maybe add a
> subdirectory with the AT&T/USL case details.   And maybe add a
> sub-directory with known FOSS licenses used by the UNIX community and add a
> copy of the 3-clause BSD and maybe even the two GPLs.
> Then update the README in the current top-level dir.   Adding to the
> contents something like "*the IP contained on this website is covered by
> different licenses depending on the specific IP.  Copies of these can be
> found with the source code itself, but have also been all collected
> together in the top-level directory: ...*."
> I think these all have both historical values, as well as practical
> values.  As I said, I was not sure myself and I think other would be less
> ignorant if they could find it all easily.   In the case of the practical,
> a for instance, in an email with some lawyers last week, I had pointed them
> at the Caldera document.  I'ld have loved to have been able to say look in
> this directory.  The Caldera and later Nokia Licenses are what we are
> considering as examples.
> Thoughts?
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