[TUHS] Unix V8 Chaosnet, any takers?

Lars Brinkhoff lars at nocrew.org
Sat Jul 16 16:38:33 AEST 2022

segaloco wrote:
> This looks like it might be exactly what you're looking for:
> http://9legacy.org/9legacy/doc/simh/v8


> That said, your original posting mentions the PDP-11, but also
> "Berkeley Unix Nodes". For the latter, do you mean VAX?

Yes, they are VAX-11/780 SIMH instances running 4.1BSD + MIT patches.

> I don't know whether V8 ran on PDP-11 or not, but if that's your
> intent, you may want to start with a 2.xBSD or V7 as a base instead.

The Chaosnet documentation says there were PDP-11 Unix V7 nodes on the
network.  That code has not been found though.  Same goes for VAX/VMS.

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