[TUHS] ed: f command (facts vs. file)

Phil Budne phil at ultimate.com
Sat Jul 23 03:14:33 AEST 2022

> What's the background for the comment about ``facts''?

(for DMR's QED for GE-TSS on the GE 635):

    _History of QED_
    The original QED was implemented at the University of
    California, Berkeley [4]. Substantially redesigned versions
    were written by the second author (KLT) for the CTSS system
    at MIT [1] and in BCPL for MULTICS. The latter version has
    also been available under GE-TSS using I/O routines supplied
    by A. W. Winikoff.

    _This version of QED_
    The present incarnation of QED was implemented in GMAP by
    the first author (DMR). It offers noticeable improvements
    in speed, program size, and text packing density over the
    BCPL version, of which it is a direct descendant. New
    facilities include a redesigned Global command and a
    numerical capability

The F(acts) command appears on page 9 (pdf page 10)

    The F command causes QED to type out
    1) the number of words on QED's "free list",
    2) the highest memory location used for text storage, and
    3) the current core allocation.

    When the third number gets near 32K, take care not to exceed the core

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