[TUHS] Line Numbers Before SysIII nl? BSD num?

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> So all in all, num was an attempt that petered out, but # stayed in ex.
> System III and 4.4BSD-Lite ed derivatives implement n, and nl was
> introduced in System III for the AT&T line and slowly cropped up
> elsewhere.  System V picked up ex in 1982, allowing nl, ed with n, and ex
> with # in the AT&T line.  GNU had one out of the gate when POSIX hit.  BSDs
> were late to the party with regards to both ed with n as well as nl, with
> nl only being adopted after the last Berkeley releases and subsequent
> fracturing.

It may be worth noting that BSD had `cat -n` in 4BSD by October, 1980:

That may explain the relatively late incorporation of `nl` in, at least,
the BSD lineage.

        - Dan C.
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