[TUHS] Fwd: [simh] Announcing the Open SIMH project

Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Sat Jun 4 08:56:51 AEST 2022

On Fri, Jun 3, 2022 at 4:40 PM Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <tih at hamartun.priv.no>

> Warner Losh <imp at bsdimp.com> writes:
> > The FreeBSD 1.x CVS tree shows that it started from NET/2 with the
> > patchkit added on. It didn't start from the NetBSD tree that I've been
> > able to find (and I've studied the early CVS history for the git
> > migration extensively).
> Yeah, I guess it might be better to say that after Chris took the
> initiative to create a fork, which he named NetBSD, of Jolitz's 386bsd,
> it was decided that there would be two forks; NetBSD and FreeBSD, with
> slightly differing objectives.

Yea, there were a number of folks that contributed to the patchkit as
well. Chris did a good thing to try to bring order to that chaos, there is
no doubt, but Nate Williams, Paul Richards and others were big contributors
to the patchkit and the lines of what happened where were somewhat
blurry at the time as people discovered they were working at cross purposes
and/or had issues working with some people....

Thankfully, for the most part the high levels of animosity that developed in
the early 90s between the BSD projects have largely faded away as new
groups of developers have joined the projects...

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