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> > I can think of at least 4 things, some big, some small, where post-V7
> > Research Unix was influential
> Besides streams, file system switch, /proc, and /dev/fd. v8 had the
> Blit. Though Rob's relevant patent evoked disgruntled rumblings from
> MIT that window systems were old hat, the Blit pioneered multiple
> windows as we know them today. On the contemporary Lisp Machine, for
> example, active computation happened in only one window at a time.
> V8 also had Peter Weinberger's Remote File System. Unlike NFS, RFS
> mapped UIDS, thus allowing files to be shared among computers in
> different jurisdictions with different UID lists. Unfortunately, RFS
> went the way of Reiser paging.

I believe RFS shipped in SVR3, at least as a package for the 3b2.

> And then there was Norman Wilson, who polished the kernel and
> administrative tools. All kinds of things became smaller and
> cleaner--an inimitable accomplishment
> > No clue what was new in V10
> This suggests I should put on my to-do list an update of the Research
> Unix Reader's combined table of man-page contents, which covers only
> v1-v9. I think it's fair to say, though, that nothing introduced in
> v10 was as influential as the features mentioned above.
> Doug
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