[TUHS] Tom Lyon's 3270 driver for UTS

Adam Thornton athornton at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 12:56:04 AEST 2022

While I know that there are people here who like good old ed...I've been playing with UTS under VM/370.  This version is from 1981 and I think it's v7.  But the important thing is that Tom Lyon wrote a 3270 terminal driver, and it comes with ned, which is a screen editor that feels a lot like XEDIT--which wasn't even in CMS at that point, although EE has been added to the VM370 Community Edition I'm using.  And the man pages are fullscreen as well.

UTS is very, very usable because of that.  This really is a wonderful terminal driver.

So, thank you, Tom!


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