[TUHS] forgotten versions

Paul Ruizendaal pnr at planet.nl
Sun Jun 19 05:55:11 AEST 2022

For those interested in a quick feel for V8 and early SysV, I recommend the excellent unix50 stuff:

SSH to unix50: "ssh unix50 at unix50.org”

Password is “unix50”

You end up in a menu with:

SDF Public Access UNIX System presents ...

   /~/~ H Y S T E R I C A L ~ U N I X ~ S Y S T E M S ~/~/

    [a]  UNICS (Version Zero)   PDP-7       Summer   1969
    [b]  First Edition UNIX     PDP-11/20   November 1971
    [c]  Fifth Edition UNIX     PDP-11/40   June     1974
    [d]  Sixth Edition UNIX     PDP-11/45   May      1975
    [e]  Seventh Edition UNIX   PDP-11/70   January  1979
    [f]  Research UNIX 8        VAX-11/750           1984
    [g]  AT&T UNIX System III   PDP-11/70   Fall     1982
    [h]  AT&T UNIX System V     PDP-11/70            1983
    [i]  AT&T UNIX System V     3b2/400              1984
    [j]  4.3 BSD                MicroVAX    June     1986
    [k]  2.11 BSD               PDP-11/70   January  1992
    [w]  What's running now?
    [q]  QUIT (and run away in fear!)

    User contributed tutorials are at https://sdf.org/?tutorials/unix50th
    Want persistent images? networking? more ttys? Join https://sdf.org

Don’t to exit from a run, press Ctrl-E to return to sims, type 'exit', type ‘q'

I just tried V8 and it still works, although the boot log suggests that an image reset may be in order.

Many, many thanks to whoever is maintaining this!

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