[TUHS] Research Datakit notes

Ralph Corderoy ralph at inputplus.co.uk
Sun Jun 26 19:52:41 AEST 2022

Hi Anthony,

> Would you happen to know where I can find copies of these three
> papers?
> A. G. Fraser, "Datakit - A Modular Network for Synchronous and
> Asynchronous Traffic", Proc. ICC 79, June 1979, Boston, Ma.,
> pp.20.1.1-20.1.3
> G. L. Chesson, "Datakit Software Architecture", Proc. ICC 79, June
> 1979, Boston Ma., pp.20.2.1-20.2.5
> G. L. Chesson and A. G. Fraser, "Datakit Network Architecture," Proc.
> Compcon 80, February 1980, San Fransisco CA., pp.59-61

I had no luck looking for those.  I did find other Datakit ones
which may interest the list; all Bell Labs.

- A Virtual Circuit Switch as the Basis for Distributed Systems.
  Luderer, Che, Marshall, Bell Labs, Murray Hill.  ~1981.
  ‘...we have implemented... a new distributed operating system derived
  from Unix’.

- Methods for routing, performance management, and service problem
  relief in Datakit networks.
  Fendick, Harshavardhana, Jidarian, Bell Labs, Holmdel.  1991.

- FIBERKIT: a Datakit compatible 500 megabit virtual circuit switch.
  Follett, Levy, Sobin, Tourgee, AT&T Bell Labs.  1988.

Cheers, Ralph.

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