[TUHS] Old screen editors

Ron Natalie ron at ronnatalie.com
Wed Mar 30 07:46:42 AEST 2022

Was it one of the awful Pukin-Elmer terminals.  I hated those things.

Then there was the Rand/Interactive Systems INed.   We were stuck using 
that when I worked for Martin.

I never learned vi.   If there is no EMACS-like thing on the machine, 
then I just use ed (sometimes I can get by with ex/vi in line mode).

The funniest editor story I have is one day I'm working at Martin.   
Having actually heard of UNIX before (let alone having done kernel and 
other work) I was sort of the in house expert.   One day one of my 
coworkers calls out to me:

"What's all this Bell System crud in the editor?"

I'm thinking, well, it's all Bell System crud.   What specifically are 
we talking about.   I walk around to see his terminal and find he has 
been typing 1 repeatedly to the shell prompt invoking our /usr/bin/1 
that said "One Bell System, It Works."

After that I modded the program to say "You're not in the editor, 

It was almost as much fun as putting "You might have mail." in motd.

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>I never really used it but i do remember an editor called le on the v7 interdata/Perkin Elmer i used at Leeds poly.
>I read electronics and we  all used vi, the computer science people at a different campus used le on their Interdata; no idea why.
>anyone any background on le? ihave not seen sight nor sound of it since.

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