[TUHS] Early Unix and Keyboard Skills

Steffen Nurpmeso steffen at sdaoden.eu
Wed Nov 2 23:27:34 AEST 2022

John P. Linderman wrote in
 <CAC0cEp9v1ZhTgEFMNGMGH1GhXo9V87QiOPfbbCuMG1y6D9Esaw at mail.gmail.com>:
 |When I was in high school (in the early sixties) I tried to sign up for
 |typing, which was taught on manual typewriters. I was told that the class
 |was for girls only, and I was turned away. I never did develop good typing
 |skills. I'm pretty much a two-fingered typist. Ironically, I have probably

This can be a winner:


(The classic.)

 |done more typing than 90% of the female classmates who were allowed to take
 |the class.

These machine-gunners are in another league per se from my modest
point of view.  Ten finger thunderstorms.

 |Precision figured mightily in those days, which may also have pre-dated
 |white-out. Eliminating an error was a big deal. Now it's dead easy, and
 |auto-correct has already fixed several errors in this message.

Since i now own a (used!!) smartphone i unfortunately have to live
with such things when doing my little bit of SMS messaging.  It is
terrible.  Ooften do i have to delete the word entirely to unlock
the screen.  Ach! for the Asians who commit suicide because they
messed up a calligraphical painting.

It seems to me TUHS has lost its Sender: message header btw, which
longs for fixing as it is SHOULD in RFC 5322 in this ML case
(except for Warren himself, maybe).

|Der Kragenbaer,                The moon bear,
|der holt sich munter           he cheerfully and one by one
|einen nach dem anderen runter  wa.ks himself off
|(By Robert Gernhardt)

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