[TUHS] Four windowing systems on SunOS

Grant Taylor via TUHS tuhs at tuhs.org
Thu Nov 3 01:34:42 AEST 2022

On 11/2/22 2:55 AM, Michael Casadevall wrote:
> I extensively researched this; there are infact copies of Pinball for 
> 64-bit platforms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EPTfOTC4Jw&t=47s 

Which 64-bit platforms?  64-bit x86 and / or 64-bit Itanium?

I've not watched the video yet (today).

> Pinball had problems relating to 64-bit FPU precision (and this can 
> actually be reproduced by fiddling with FPU flags), but it did ship in 
> Windows XP x64 Professional.

My understanding is that Windows XP x64 Professional is 64-bit x86 and 
not Itanium.

There is also a chance that I'm misremembering things.

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