[TUHS] Early Unix and Keyboard Skills

jason-tuhs at shalott.net jason-tuhs at shalott.net
Thu Nov 3 05:01:29 AEST 2022

> I’ve never heard anyone mention keyboard skills with the people of the 
> CSRC - doesn’t anyone know?

https://www.tuhs.org/Archive/Documentation/AUUGN/AUUGN-V05.4.pdf (p23)

> History tells us that the guys who designed [UNIX] did their own typing 
> into the machine.  It seems to me that because of this, the main reason 
> that UNIX enjoys/suffers from terse input and output is not through any 
> intellectual design decisions made at some early stage but because the 
> UNIX designers were just bad typists working on slow peripherals.


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