[TUHS] early Unix papers, from Jim Joyce

arnold at skeeve.com arnold at skeeve.com
Tue Nov 8 16:30:42 AEST 2022


> Why Pascal is Not My Favorite Programming Language
>     - This sounds fun, not hard UNIX info, but fun

It's been around for a long time. A while back, I reconstituted
it, see https://www.github.com/arnoldrobbins/cstr100.

> A Typesetter-Independent TROFF
> - A ditroff-specific paper?  Can't say I've seen such a thing, would
> be interested in this one.  I know someone (can't recall name/email)
> in the GROFF mailing list seemed particularly excited about ditroff
> information that could be gleaned from the UNIX/TS 4.0 docs, this may
> be their golden carrot.

This is also around on the Internet.

If there's interest, I might could wheedle the original out of BWK.

> A Walk Through AWK
>     - Somewhere between the original AWK paper and the AWK book?

I missed this in the original list. I'd love to have a copy of it!


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