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steve jenkin <sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au> writes:


> SRE roles & as a discipline has developed, alongside DevOps, into managing & fault finding in large clusters of physical and virtual machines.
> Never done it myself, but it’d seem the potential for screw-ups is now infinite and unlimited in time :)

My final $DAYJOB was more DevOps / SRE than system admin which I had
been doing for a long time.  And, Very Much Yes, the "potential for
screw-ups" is very much infinite.  It seems like that there are a lot of
people messing in areas that they are ill prepared to deal with and tend
to do it poorly at times.  Very often they will invent structure that is
just a reinvention of something that already exists because they lack
the background to know what was really available.

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