[TUHS] DG UNIX History

Clem Cole clemc at ccc.com
Sun Nov 13 01:54:16 AEST 2022

This recent activity on the simh mailing list WRT to DG Nova and
Ecpilse got me wondering.  At Locus in the 80s and 90s, we did a lot of
work with DG and DG-UX with their later MP-based ports using commercially
available microprocessors (which I have reported was a very nicely done
system, easy to work on, the locks tended to scale well, e*tc*.).

But I am trying to remember if C or UNIX was on a Nova or an Eclipse.  This
could be my failed memory, given that so many people ported V7 in the late
1970s (the infamous 'NUIX' bug from the Series/1 port probably being my
favorite tale).  So to the hive mind, did anyone (DG themselves or a
University) ever build 16 or 32-bit tools for the DG architectures and do a
UNIX port, and if so, does anyone know what became of those efforts?  Is
this something that needs to be in the TUHS archives also?

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