[TUHS] DG UNIX History

arnold at skeeve.com arnold at skeeve.com
Mon Nov 14 21:44:11 AEST 2022

This is what Scott Lee, who ran the Eclipse at Georgia Tech
recalls. He has given permission for me to forward it, with
the caveat that it was long ago and that "memories are malleable".


> Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2022 05:35:51 -0500
> Subject: Re: [TUHS] DG UNIX History
> From: scott at thelees.org
> To: arnold at skeeve.com
> > I'm pretty sure that DG never ported DG-UX to the Nova. There was
> > a native port to the Eclipse (32 bit).  There was also a Eunice-style
> > Unix environment that sat on top of their native OS, whatever it was
> > called.
> Yeh, that was an MV-10000 that we received.  As I remember it, we also got
> a copy of DG-UX, which was a port of SYS Vr2, not r3 as mentioned.  I
> think that it may have also had a directory with UCB versions of a bunch
> of the utilities ported over so you could run either SysV tools or UCB
> tools.
> LeBlanc was going to use it to teach ADA, so I was building some tools to
> create/maintain user accounts, but I believe that I left just before they
> were actually getting around to that.
> I was also playing with it on the side, when no one else was using it, to
> build a small OS on it.  I found that it followed a lot of the Nova
> behavior, so I figured out how to write code onto a tape and bootstrap it
> into the machine.  Wrote a tape driver and a console driver and was
> working on a disk driver.  Targeting putting a small OS on it.
> Wow... I had almost forgotten that it even existed until I saw this.
> Enjoy,
> Scott

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