[TUHS] who invented the link register

Angelo Papenhoff aap at papnet.eu
Tue Oct 25 18:35:32 AEST 2022

On 25/10/22, Angelo Papenhoff wrote:
> Might be earlier than this, I just happen to know the Whirlwind somewhat
> well. It's late 40s machine, so you probably won't find anything *much*
> older.

Addendum: the original report from 1947 does not describe this behaviour
yet. The change came in oct. 1948. M-668 mentions it and refers to M-647,
which however is not available online.
So the concept of saving the resturn address in another register is at
least as old as oct. 1948, but again I wouldn't be surprised if some
even slightly earlier computer had it too.


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