[TUHS] Version 3.1 of Installing and Using Research Unix Version 7 note is up the blog

Will Senn will.senn at gmail.com
Sun Oct 30 01:25:42 AEST 2022

Following up on my v6 udpate a couple of weeks ago, I've updated my v7 
note to use OpenSIMH and bring it up to date. In addition, I've switched 
the multi-session notes over to DZ-11 from DC-11 cuz it supports 9600 
over telnet.

Here's the link:


Changes since revision 2.1 (2/3/2022)

Revision 3.1 (10/29/2022) - minor revision:

     Changed over to DZ-11 vs DC-11 for serial connections which allows 
for 9600 baud connections.

Revision 3.0 (10/28/2022) - major revision:

     Started using OpenSIMH
     Restored the learn notes which went missing between 2.0 and 2.1
     Updated host notes for Macos Monterey
     Cleaned up a number of lingering issues

This note covers building a working v7 instance from tape files that 
will run in the OpenSImH emulator. First, the reader is led through the 
restoration of a pristine v7 instance from tape to disk. Next, the 
reader is led through adding a regular user and making the system 
multi-user capable. Then, the reader is shown how to make the system 
multi-session cable to allow multiple simultaneous sessions. Finally, 
the system is put to use with hello world, DMR style, and the learn 
system is enabled.

The note explains each step of the process in detail.
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