[TUHS] Memoir Marks the 25th Anniversary of First Transgender Employment Policy

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This may be a bit off-topic, so please forgive me. Lucent is central to 
the book. I want to let you know I had a memoir published today, on the 
25th anniversary of Lucent's historic policy. Here's the main part of 
the press release.

> Before 1997, transgender workers were routinely fired when their 
> employers found out they were changing their sex. That changed on Oct. 
> 28, 1997, when Lucent Technologies became the first Fortune 500 
> company to formally commit that it would not discriminate based on 
> "gender identity, characteristics, or expression". Dr. Mary Ann 
> Horton, who instigated the change, has written a memoir, Trailblazer: 
> Lighting the Path for Transgender Inclusion in Corporate America. 
> "When I led transgender-101 workshops, my personal story was people's 
> favorite part. They wanted more, and Trailblazer is the result," said 
> Horton. "It will be released on the 25th anniversary, Oct. 28."
> Horton was a software technology worker at Lucent in Columbus, Ohio, 
> when Lucent added the language. It allowed Mary Ann, then known as 
> Mark, to come out in the workplace without fear of reprisal. When she 
> didn't need to spend energy hiding part of herself, her productivity 
> soared, and she was promoted. Three years later, she persuaded Lucent 
> to cover gender-confirming medical care in their health insurance. She 
> blazed the trail for Apple, Avaya, Xerox, IBM, Chase, and other 
> companies to follow.
Nokia blogged about it today.


You can find the book at 

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