[TUHS] Warning: April Fools

John Cowan cowan at ccil.org
Sun Apr 2 03:55:15 AEST 2023

See also <https://godfatherof.nl/kremvax.html>.

Yesterday, indeed, I got an obviously misdirected email on my work account,
I clicked on a link in it to try to figure out what had gone wrong, and
found myself on a page informing me that $EMPLOYER had just phished me, and
I was being sent to a re-education camp (well, in fact I just had to look
at some slides and answer questions).  Of course, it's very difficult to
train people out of being careless and impulsive.


John Cowan          {backbones}!rutgers!hombre!magpie!cowan
                Charles li reis, nostre emperesdre magnes,
                Set anz totz pleinz ad ested in Espagnes.
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