[TUHS] UNIX SVR2 User's Manual BTL Edition Additions and References

segaloco via TUHS tuhs at tuhs.org
Thu Apr 20 15:09:10 AEST 2023

Good evening, I'd like to share a listing I've taken of the various extra pages present in the BTL version of the SVR2 User's Manual I picked up a little while ago.


Like the Release 5.0 BTL version before it, many of the added pages are DIV 452 standard pages for Writer's Workbench as well as the Basic-16/BELLMAC-4/BELLMAC-8 development environments.

To quote the preface:

"This manual was designed through a cooperative effort of the BTL Computer Centers in Division 452.  It represents a collection of nearly all the commands that are running on any Computer Center UNIX machine.
The header of each manual page identifies the classification of the command along with any machine or site dependencies.
Any page marked LOCAL indicates the sites that are running that command.
Pages marked DIV 452 STD are from the collection of Computer Center standard commands, and are available on machines administered by Division 452 Computer Centers.  The pages that are designated as INTERIM or 5.0 are those commands which are scheduled to be included in a separate WECo software add-on package."

This manual is just sections 1 and 6, presumably 1m, 7, and 8 are in a corresponding administrator's manual and 2, 3, 4, 5 are in a programmer's manual, making SVR2 the start of the user's manual being further subdivided.  I seem to recall one or the other of this same issue of manuals show up on eBay at some point, I'm kicking myself for not springing for it at the time, but hopefully one or the other (or both) turn up again to be documented someday.

Additionally included in the above listing is a list of references from various "SEE ALSO" sections throughout the manual, as well as some other odds and ends from the text.  Finally, there is a short listing of teach(1) classes as provided by a couple variants of the application.

If any particular page piques an interest, let me know and I can scan it for you, otherwise this one is a ways away on my scan backlog.

- Matt G.

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