[TUHS] Make(1) Historical Behavior (was Cool talk on Unix and Sendmail history, by Eric Allman)

segaloco via TUHS tuhs at tuhs.org
Thu Aug 3 10:01:16 AEST 2023

> And I think even V7 make supported what you described, as well as implicit rules for compiling .c into a .o or into a binary.
> Warner Losh

You're right, I just tried it out.  Been avoiding that pattern for years because I swear some make implementation I used at one point was very unhappy with that, but if V7 does it, then whatever implementation that was is probably not what I want to be using anyway.

Also shows how little I've used specifics of BSD, I've never made a Makefile using bsd.prog.mk, although I have this desire for a write-once-build-everywhere Makefile that the preponderance of build systems that generate them imply is an exercise in futility...

On that note, one quirk I've found with the implicit .c.o rule on older UNIX, just tested on V7 and System III, is that they render:

cc -c $<

rather than

cc -c -o $@ $<

If you have an object list with objects in several different directories, it spits them all out in the CWD, causing problems if you have similarly named files in multiple directories, and then outright failing on the final compilation if it's something like $(CC) -o $(BIN) $(OBJS) because $(OBJS) is a string of object pathnames with the full nested path, not just the resulting *.o files.

Granted, I could be anti-patterning here for all I know, I haven't worked closely with a whole lot of Make-based projects that aren't my own.  Maybe I just haven't read these darn papers I'm always hunting down enough.

- Matt G.

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