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Fri Aug 4 11:59:45 AEST 2023

Nice. the Rainbow was my first working PC. I loved it. It had a math 
coprocessor (that  I upgraded), z80 and 8088, with 1MB ram (that I 
upgraded it to, from 128k), ran Autocad! MSDOS 3.10b, CP/M and it was 
the machine I used with a 300baud modem to download the pre 1.0 
slackware - kermit/xmodem through a VMS gateway to the internet - 
1993/1994. I didn't have emacs though! I think I remember Ultrix or 
something like that, but I didn't run it.

On 8/3/23 19:32, Warner Losh wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 3, 2023, 6:19 PM Adam Thornton <athornton at gmail.com> wrote:
>     There are certainly teco implementations for Unix, although I
>     don't know if it was ever anyone's default editor aInywhere. 
>     Indeed, there are multiple implementations: I switched from a C
>     teco implementation to pyteco in the Rubin Science Platform
>     JupyterLab implementation (its utility is of course dubious, but
>     this is part of both my nefarious plan to make Jupyter not merely
>     mean "Julia, Python, and R", but to use that "e" -- and
>     reassociate it with the "t" -- by making it mean "Julia, Python,
>     Teco, and R", and also to include an easter egg for a fellow
>     project member who is a teco fan).
>     The first Emacs I used was GNU emacs at already version...16 or
>     something?  In 1989, on ... I don't remember what the main system
>     I used at the UT Austin Chaos Lab was, actually; we had an SGI
>     Iris, but that wasn't the machine I did my editing on.  But by
>     1989 it was certainly well-available and established.
> We used some stripped down emacs in 1985 on the vax 11/750 running 
> 4.2bsd.   I built micro emacs for my DEC Rainbow under MS-DOS in the 
> same time period...
> Warner
>     On Thu, Aug 3, 2023 at 5:04 PM Will Senn <will.senn at gmail.com> wrote:
>         As a longtime user and lover of ed/ex/vi, I don't know much
>         about emacs, but lately I've been using it more (as it seems
>         like any self-respecting lisper, has to at least have a
>         passing acquaintance with it). I recently went off and got
>         MACLISP running in ITS. As part of that exploration, I used
>         EMACS, but not just any old emacs, emacs in it's first
>         incarnation as a set of TECO macros. To me, it just seemed
>         like EMACS. I won't bore you with the details - imagine lots
>         of control and escape sequences, many of which are the same
>         today as then. This was late 70's stuff.
>         My question for the group is - when did emacs arrive in unix
>         and was it a full fledged text editor when it came or was it
>         sitting on top of some other subssystem in unix? Was TECO ever
>         on unix?
>         Will
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