[TUHS] SVR2 on the PDP-11? SVR3?

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Does anyone know if there are any surviving examples of SVR2 for the PDP-11? Various SVR2 manuals still make mention of the assembler, linker, etc. and the pdp11 variable is present in machid(1)*. And on the note of the later years of the PDP-11, was there any hope for SVR3 on the PDP? I presume the introduction of demand paging was the end of things but I would be curious for anyone's recollections on the final years of System V on the PDP-11.

- Matt G.

P.S. *interesting little 3B5 side note, found as I was checking references that machid(1) in the "System V" branded manual from the initial System V commercial release mentions the pdp11, vax, and u3b machines, the latter being the 3B20S. However, the "Release 5.0" branded manuals also make mention of the u3b5 machine, the 3B5. The System V manuals are from January 1983 and the Release 5.0 manuals are June 1982. There isn't an earlier reference to cite as machid(1) was introduced in Release 5.0, at least from the literature I have available. The 4.x series ran on at least the PDP-11, VAX, and 3B20S computers at least, matching those listed in the System V manual. From what I have available initial 3B5 literature was distributed in the form of small binders a little different from the grey-on-black 1984 DEC Processor SVR2 binders, possibly right on the cusp of the split of p_man from u_man as this 3B5 User's Manual that I have contains sections 1-6 rather than just 1 and 6. They're dark grey with a large orange square in the middle (I believe I've sent a photograph of the manual before).
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