[TUHS] Update CSTR tarball

Douglas McIlroy douglas.mcilroy at dartmouth.edu
Mon Aug 28 06:23:30 AEST 2023

Here's the status of source for CSTRs by me.  All extant source is troff -ms.
Which ones might be wanted?

14  Synthetic speech
    Source does not exist; scanned pages are available.

139 Unix reader
    Source exists for front matter including combined table of contents,
    but not for pages copied from Unix manuals.

155 Trilogy on ellipses
    Source exists.
    Figures for the first paper are in Ideal, together with troff intermediate.

163 IX
    Source exists.

On Sun, Aug 27, 2023 at 2:04 PM <arnold at skeeve.com> wrote:
> Hello All.
> Nelson Beebe has added PDF files for all the .ps files that didn't
> have them, and I did a little bit more cleaning up of the CSTRs
> I made available late last week.  The new file is at
>         https://www.skeeve.com/combined-cstr-2.tar.gz
> Warren will eventually add them to the archive, at which point I will
> probably take down my copies.
> Nelson and I request of the CSTR authors who are on the TUHS list if
> they are willing to make source code for their CSTRs available? That
> would certainly help in the preservation effort.
> Thanks,
> Arnold

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