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> IIRC that was developed after 4.3 was released by Arthur David Olsen
> (elsie!ado), and then incorporated into 4.3 via the patches that CSRG
> sent out periodically.
You are probably right .. better memory. I knew it became widespread in a
BSD stream, but I did not realize it was donated to CSRG.

But the key point is that the timezone DB development and inclusion in UNIX
systems was much, much later in UNIX time and long after 1984 /usr/group
standard, where the use of the TZ variable began to spread to make it
easier for end users.

As Phil and I pointed out to Ken's original question, the V7-based systems
compiled the TZ info (number of minutes west of GMT) into the kernel and
supported a couple of primarily USA-based TZs in time(3) and the like.
 Which makes changing it for the local user a tad more complicated.   Then
again, you had the sources in those days, and at least the system
administrator recompiled the core kernel from scratch. [I remember Joy once
saying he thought rebuilding the entire system from the source at each site
was a good thing because that way, binaries were not stale].

Anyway, the placing of the TZ string into a program's environment was
pushed by the UNIX vendors, of course, because they were not releasing
Thus, by the time of the TZ=xSTdyDT convention, the time(3) family was a
bit more flexible [*i.e.,* most of Europe was easily supported] - but you
still needed to know what to set it all to.

It was only much later, when the timezone DB code was created, that it
became easy to set the timezone in a more worldwide scheme.

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