[TUHS] Apologies, I Owe Someone On List a V7 Manual Binder Set

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Tue Dec 5 07:12:24 AEST 2023

Something seems to have slipped through my recordkeeping, someone on list had spoken up with an interest in a free set of vintage V7 manual binders I got in a set of stuff from MIT Lincoln Labs. If you originally spoke up I'm sorry I've misplaced the email in which you sent me your shipping address. I've still got the binders and am finally in a place I can focus on putting my next post-office trip together. I'm a non-vehiculite so I tend to hold until I've got a few things to mail before packing a bag to carry down to the post-office.

I do intend to make good on sending this to the first person that had spoken up last time (and I think you're the only person that bit) but if it gets to be several weeks out and I haven't heard from you (but have heard from anyone else) it may find a different destination. I'll give a few weeks though, not trying to rescind this and hand it to someone else instead.

By the by just a reminder that this isn't a completely stock V7 manual, the Volume 1 manpages have a few additions such as the RAND editor and some other odds and ends. IIRC the only base page that has been replaced (as opposed to added pages) should be od(1).

- Matt G.

P.S. Just to raise the awareness for the more collector-y types, it looks like there is a relatively thorough SVR4 (blue books) manual set bumping around on eBay right now. The catch, it's going for $1,500, which as an owner of a comparable subset and some they're missing, I feel that is overkill and then some...but I don't understand nor want to understand the collector market. Anywho, if this is something your library is burning to include and you're looking to make a donation to that person's retirement fund...then they're up and ripe for the taking. In any case, this set is not complete, not that they're implying that, but I could only really see selling a truly, verifiably complete collection for that sort of asking price. These are a mismash of 3B and 386 versions and the set is missing some odds and ends like the master index, SVID, and any ABI documents.

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