[TUHS] Sad news: Bell Labs leaving Murray Hill.

Douglas McIlroy douglas.mcilroy at dartmouth.edu
Sun Dec 10 07:36:25 AEST 2023

Really sobering is the estimate that it will bring 1000 jobs to New
Brunswick. That's a small fraction of the capacity of Murray Hill. On the
upside is proximity to Rutgers.

Contrary to what the article said, Murray Hill does not date from the Labs'
foundation in 1925. The Labs was in the meat-packing district on West
Street in New York in a building now called Westbeth, said to be the
world's largest artist community. The High Line runs right through it. I
worked there one summer in the penthouse with a fine view of ship traffic
on the Hudson. Murray Hill opened in 1941 and West Street closed in about

> Goodbye, Unix Room!

The Unix Room was dismantled some time ago, but its quirky contents were
grabbed by the Labs archivist, who had them on display at the Unix50
celebration--pink flamingo, G. R. Emlin, CCW clock and all. I wonder
whether these relics will make the move.

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