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Matt - this is wonderful work.  Thank you.

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> After much saying I would and never getting around to it, I've finally
> started filling out a bit of documentation on the various UNIX manuals I've
> been tracking down, fleshing out history around, tracing bibliographic
> references though, etc etc.
> https://wiki.tuhs.org/doku.php?id=publications:manuals
> Thus far I've got the research and CB pages filled out from available
> information, and PWB/commercial up through about '85-'86, give or take some
> things.  I apologize in advance if I've omitted your favorite piece of
> trivia or got something wrong, please suggest corrections in any areas
> needing them, or even better, a Wiki is a communal resource so with
> Warren's OK, I'm sure you can also make contributions.
> Most of the pictures are from my own library, although I've added a few
> others from thing around the net.  There are links to various documents
> covered, TUHS content where most appropriate, a few archive.org and
> bitsavers links here and there.  I don't intend to include links to any
> documents after System V's initial 1983 run, just pictures of covers for
> ease of identification.
> I've already mentioned a few times but I highly encourage contributions.
> I intend to do another round at this sometime soon and round out at least
> the BSD stuff and later System V.  If anyone else has photographs or
> documents they think should be in these articles and you don't want to do
> the Wiki part yourself, feel free to send me stuff and I'll make sure it
> gets put up there.
> Finally, some reflection on the path here.  "What was UNIX System IV" was
> one of those questions that plagued my mind for a long time, much before I
> knew much else about the history of UNIX.  Not a crucial question by any
> means, but it was one of those little mysteries I always wanted to know
> more about, which is what then lead me to trying to find Release 4.0
> documents and all that.  Of course, that then lead to the rabbit hole of
> continuing to turn stuff up, I never imagined I'd actually be successful in
> trying to turn up more info on that version, let alone then continuing to
> find little pieces of history and slot in missing parts of stories.  Along
> the way I've learned more about this darn operating system than I ever
> intended on learning and now feel net gain in several areas of my study.
> Plus, all this Bell System proximity is largely responsible for my
> interests in telephony as of late, and may come full circle in the gear I
> got for telephone experiments helping me resurrect this poor UNIX PC I've
> got sitting on the floor right now.  I don't know what I would've been
> doing with so much of my free time the past few years otherwise, especially
> these colder months.
> Hope folks enjoy the commentary!
> - Matt G.
> P.S. Combing over things for this, I've found a few more pieces of the
> UNIX/TS puzzle.  The details are in the Release 3.0 section of the
> PWB/Commerial page linked above.  Short of it is there are some interesting
> "leaks" of the name "UNIX/TS" into Release 3.0 documentation,
> inconsistently between the sources on the UNIX tree and the physical
> document I recently obtained.
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