[TUHS] DMD 5620 mouse available

segaloco via TUHS tuhs at tuhs.org
Fri Dec 22 11:13:23 AEST 2023

I see this mouse from time to time when combing for old AT&T computing things, it's been up for quite some time at that price.  I don't think I'd even pony that up for a pristine WECo 3B20S...

That said, a DMD is one of the two CRT computer displays I would still be very much interested in digging around in someday, the other being a Dataspeed 40/2.  Doubtful either will ever be in front of me but a guy can dream.  Hopefully someone reasonable makes them a reasonable offer and nobody "loses" on this one, but I don't see it going that way.

- Matt G.

On Thursday, December 21st, 2023 at 3:25 PM, Greg 'groggy' Lehey <grog at lemis.com> wrote:

> On Thursday, 21 December 2023 at 14:49:20 -0800, ron minnich wrote:
> > "100%Positive Feedback" - whoa. Not so sure after this price.
> That wasn't the price for which he got feedback. The two for which I
> found prices were $140 (down from asking $530) and $28.24 (down from
> asking $84.50). So yes, "best offer" clearly works. Who knows?
> Maybe you can get the mouse for, say, $11,500.
> Greg
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