[TUHS] Early 70's WECo "Turnkey Systems"? Re: S.S. Pirzada UNIX Paper

Jonathan Gray jsg at jsg.id.au
Fri Dec 29 17:28:49 AEST 2023

On Fri, Dec 29, 2023 at 06:30:28AM +0000, segaloco via TUHS wrote:
> In S.S. Pirzada's 1988 paper[1], page 35, section 3.3.2, he writes:
> "Some operating telephone companies and the switching control center
> system (SCCS) group in Holmdel, NJ decided to use UNIX to collect
> maintenance data from their switches and for administration purposes.
> Other departments also started building applications on top of UNIX,
> some part of turnkey systems licensed by Western Electric (WECo)."
> This is describing the situation before the establishment of USG
> in September 1973.  I'm curious, does anyone recall what some of
> these pre-USG WECo "turnkey systems" were?

Perhaps a reference to COSNIX/COSMOS?

described by Henry Spencer in

and by Alan E. Kaplan in
"A History of the COSNIX Operating System: Assembly Language Unix 1971
to July, 1991." USENIX Winter 1992 Technical Conference, pp. 429-437

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