[TUHS] Unix game origins - stories similar to Crowther's Adventure

Will Senn will.senn at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 01:22:29 AEST 2023


When you mentioned empire and Peter Langston, I was confused, but then 
realized there were probably two empires. My dad introduced me to the 
other empire (Walter Bright's) way, way back when (Original version was 
on PDP-10). It's probably my favorite text game of all time.

The c version vms-empire still builds and runs today (on my mac), these 
days it's all fancy ascii, back in the day it was pure text, IIRC:
Choose a difficulty level where 0 is easy and 99 is hard: 99

Your city is at 1797

EMPIRE, Version 5.00 site Amdahl 1-Apr-1988
Detailed directions are in EMPIRE.DOC
Cannot open saved game: No such file or directory
++.  16
+O.     R
+..  18

Bright's touchy cuz folks are always taking credit for work he initially 
did - independently of Langston, one must note :), but the story of its 
development is interesting, nonetheless:



On 2/1/23 8:41 AM, Rich Salz wrote:
> Peter Langston's empire

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