[TUHS] history of community help for unix users everywhere

Clem Cole clemc at ccc.com
Thu Feb 9 05:57:29 AEST 2023


For those of us outside of BTL, i.e. the Academic users, "Unix News" was
created - which became ';login" - We started to meet informally at a few
universities and talk to each other.   Those of us on the ArpaNet that
email/FTP and the like, started to share patches - but mostly things were
shared when we got together via magtape. When they were held in NYC, we
might be lucky and someone from Research might come (and even accidentally
spill a few bits on the floor that mix fix something).  Eventually, USENIX
was formed, and we met twice a year formally. That was so popular, USENIX
started having specialty conferences such as the one for C and C++, LISA,
Networking, Linux and Free Software, etc. Similarly, with V7, UUCP was
given to use a USENET was started by Tom Truscott and his famous
"auto-dialler" that he hacked with a 12v relay, a DR-11C and described at
the Bolder USENIX conference.   Netnews was not far behind - which sadly
became net.noise when the signal-to-noise ratio disappeared.

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