[TUHS] project athena (was Re: Setting up an X Development Environment for Mac OS)

Henry Mensch henry at henare.com
Mon Feb 13 07:35:19 AEST 2023

I don't think you will find that. These systems were, pretty much, out in
the world and not particularly managed by anyone except the people who were
using them (largely educators and researchers). While the PC/ATs were
deployed by Project Athena, they were not managed. By the time I landed
there the RT devices were the focus of future activity since they more
closely fit into the plan and folks like Ted were in a better position to do
what was needed to build a platform that was uniform. 

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On Sat, Feb 11, 2023 at 02:51:55PM +1100, Jonathan Gray wrote:
> http://bitsavers.org/pdf/opusSystems/32k/800-00237-000_Opus_100pm_User
> _Manual_1987.pdf

That gave me the best "feel" for what it was like.  Still would like to hear
from someone that ran on this on a day to day basis.  It looks pretty cool
but either it happened a little too late for me (by 1987 I was working for
Lachman porting Unix to the ETA-10 and I was running on Sun3/50 as my
desktop and Sun3/260 as the file server) or I missed it.  

I owned an AT&T Unix PC in college (I think, or I used Rob Netzer's but I
think we had 2 of them) and it would be interesting to know how the 320xx on
an AT stacked up against that.

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